Loving Yourself: A Guide to Becoming You [Ebook]


To love yourself means to fully accept yourself just as you are, your uniqueness, your flaws, your passions, and your purpose.

Loving yourself involves knowing that you deserve your own time, patience, and effort.

You are worthy of the love you so freely give to others. It’s time to give some of that love back to you.


Loving yourself enables you to put your needs first and allows you to pour from a fuller cup. When you love yourself, you cater to yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Of course, all these parts of you are interdependent on each other. Therefore, although they can be addressed individually, you’ll find that you feel most loved when you focus to all of them.

In this book, you will find suggestions for how to care for yourself in all four of these areas of your life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. You will learn tips and suggestions on how to have a better human experience being authentically you.


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