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Welcome to Grown Women Society!

Welcome to the sisterhood of love and light. 

Get ready to glow up together! 

As women becoming agents of change to improve society and the lives of others, we must vow to commit to change and grow within ourselves! 

For this reason, we strive to do something each week to work on ourselves. This includes positive daily rituals and life changes that we either need to let go of or start to include and incorporate in our lives.

Examples of these include anything from small changes to big changes such as: meditating, praying, exercising, letting go of toxic people and situations, therapy, singing, dancing, changing your diet, giving to people in need, a daily good deed, poetry, journaling, affirmations, star gazing, going to church/temple/mosque, nature hikes, sitting or walking in nature, watching the sun rise and set. 

Here at Grown Women Society, we hope to cultivate a community of like minded, motivated, accomplished, and positive women who can create change in society. We are excited to share this on this enlightening journey! Love ya ladies!

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